SmartMLS Rules and Regulations

Section 4.25 Delayed Listing:


A Delayed Listing must have a valid, fully executed:


Exclusive Right to Sell listing agreement, or

Exclusive Agency to Sell, or

Exclusive Right to Lease, or

Exclusive Agency to Lease


A Delayed Listing is to be utilized when the Seller(s)/Lessor(s) request that the marketing of their Property be deferred to a date certain (the “Go Active Date”) beyond the Deadline for Filing.  A Delayed Listing cannot be marketed prior to the Go Active Date.


Marketing includes, but is not limited to:  (1) showing of the Property to prospective purchasers; (2) holding a public or broker open house/caravan; (3) displaying the listing on any internet site; (4) sharing the listing on social media or in any restricted group created on any social media platform; (5) placement of a “For Sale” sign on the Property; (6) advertising the listing in any written publication.


Prior to the Go Active Date, the Seller(s)/Lessor(s) direct and instruct the Listing Broker not to accept and present to them any offer(s) to purchase/lease the Property. Seller(s)/lessor(s) expressly waive their right to have offers presented to them by the Listing Broker because the Property is not available for sale/lease prior to the stated Go Active Date.


The Seller(s)/lessor(s) and the Listing Broker will determine the Go Active Date, which is defined as the date that the Listing Broker will  begin marketing the Listing.  The Go Active date can be changed at the discretion of the Listing Broker and the Seller(s)/lessor(s) prior to the Go Active Date


The Property must be activated in the Service on the Go Active date. When the listing is submitted to the Service, the Go Active date should be entered as the Listing Date. Market time will calculate starting on the Go Active date.