Welcome to the SmartMLS Updates Page!

The products and services that SmartMLS provides are constantly being enhanced and updated so that you can be more efficient and effective at doing your job – selling real estate.  This page is designed to inform you of recent changes that have been made to our products and services that may have a significant impact on your daily life as a real estate professional.  We’ll explain how you can leverage these changes to help you keep providing top notch service to your buyers and sellers. 



Reminder: this page is a work in progress – as more features are added, enhanced or fine-tuned, we will update it and keep you in the loop.


Change to Square Footage Field – 11/16/20 (more details)

New Field for Ownership Interest – 11/16/20 (more details)

Selling Agents can now Report Closings – 11/16/20 (more details)

Change to the reporting time of Status changes – 11/16/20 (more details)

Explore the latest Matrix enhancements 10.1.2 – 7/28/20 (more details)

School map layers in Matrix- 7/15/20 (more details)

Explore the latest Matrix enhancements- 5/27/20 (more details)

Matrix latest update and enhancements release notes- 5/27/20 (more details)

Virtual Tour add/edit screen modified- 4/1/20 (more details)

Live Streaming Open House functionality added- 3/30/20 (more details)

Live Streaming Broker Tour functionality added- 3/19/20 (more details)

Live Streaming Showings functionality added- 3/16/20 (more details)


Unlimited 3D tours available to all SmartMLS agents- 3/17/20

Create 3D tours with your smartphone- 3/17/20 (more details)


Realist Iteration 32 Release Notes- 6/15/20 (more details)

SmartMLS Rules & Regulations

Unbranded virtual tours – agents are permitted to narrate/be visible in front of camera on unbranded virtual tours- 3/13/20


Keybox type and location added to confirmation notifications- 4/17/20 (more details)

Live Streaming showing functionality added- 3/31/20 (more details)

Listing Syndication

Live Streaming Open House functionality added to Realtor.com- 4/17/20 (more details)

Live Streaming Open House functionality added to Zillow- 4/16/20 (more details)

Tax Update Information

Tax Information Page – 7/8/20 (more details)

SmartMLS will update the tax information on Active, Show, Deposit, Temp and Withdrawn listings as we receive the updated information from the Assessor’s offices.  Tax records are updated every Tuesday.

If you have listings in any of these towns, the tax information (tax amount, assessment, mil rate and tax year) was automatically updated in Matrix, unless the property is new construction or one of the rare instances where we do not have a tax record for the parcel.  In these situations, the listings will need to be updated manually.

Don’t forget to visit the SmartMLS Tax Resource page on our corporate site: SmartMLS Tax Resources.  This page contains helpful information and links, as well as FAQs and a way to contact us directly for help or questions about the public records in the SmartMLS.

We will update the SmartMLS Tax Resources page as we receive more updates.

Please email tax@smartmls.com if you have any questions or issues.