Monitor Your Online Listings; Measure Your Success


Which websites generate the highest number of leads for your listings? Where are buyers spending more time viewing your listings? ListTrac offers members of the real estate community a real-time dashboard, detailed listing metrics, and reports providing a complete picture of how their listings are performing in the MLS, IDX, and syndication websites.



Drill into the online activity for a specific listing and see how it is performing compared to similar listings in the neighborhood.

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ListTrac’s dashboard provides real-time metrics related to your listing activity across the web with views catering to brokers, agents, or MLS executives.


ListTrac delivers a weekly newsletter for brokers, agents, and MLS execs to view a summary of online activity related to their listings.


Let a seller know how many times their home was viewed online or how many people inquired about their home using ListTrac’s sellers report.


How Does ListTrac Work?

SmartMLS and ListTrac have partnered with many real estate websites and IDX vendors to implement the tracking code that is needed to monitor your listings.


What If I Don’t See a Website I Know My Listing Is On?

There are certainly more website vendors that still need to add the code. If you do not see your website represented in ListTrac, please email ListTrac at to see when your site’s metrics will show up.