Scan Documents with your Phone or Tablet

If you don’t have access to a scanner in your home office, you can easily digitize signed listing agreements using your phone.


Here are quick and free options for both iOS and Android phones:



Other Scanning Apps

If you need to turn your pages into a file you can edit, you’ll want an app that also has optical character recognition (OCR).


Scanner Pro is a good all-in-one mobile scanning and OCR app for iOS devices.




Evernote Scannable app (iOS)


TinyScanner Pro turns Android and iOS devices into portable document scanners. It scans everything as images or PDFs.


Adobe Scan (for Android and iOS) captures pictures, documents, notes, receipts, etc. and automatically sharpens them for clarity. With OCR, you can create a PDF that works with Adobe Acrobat Reader and similar products. It automatically stores every scan you capture on Adobe Document Cloud, so your scans are accessible from any phone, tablet, or computer.


Genius scan app