Matrix IFrame

My Matrix IDX Configuration

You can use the built-in IDX functionality in Matrix to add MLS search and listing display functionality to your personal website.

To begin, go to the My Matrix tab and click Settings:

From the Settings page, go down to the bottom and click IDX Configuration.

Create and Manage your IDX Pages:

The IDX Configuration page allows you to either set up IDX pages for searching all CMLS IDX listings from

within your personal website, or display your own On Market listings on your website.

  1. Enter the name of the IDX page you want to create.
  2. The Form Selection area allows you to choose the type of search you are creating- you can either choose to link to your own listings (My Listings) or all participating MLS listings (Map Search).
  3. The Search Form allows you to choose the display users will view the search results in. If you are working with a My Listings search, you will have additional options in this section that allow you to set the default display that search results will appear in.
  4. If you have selected a Map Search, the Map Area section allows you to configure the map area that shows on the search.
  5. In the Activation section, make sure to put a dot in from of IDX Enabled if you want to activate the search. If it is not enabled, it will not work on your website.
  6. HTML is the code that is generated for your search- it will populate with a URL once you have filled out all sections on the IDX Configuration page and clicked Save. This is ‘iframe’ handled code, which means it is intended to be displayed as an independent frame within your webpage. Your webmaster needs to use this URL to create a frameable link for your website.
  7. The Referring Page field will automatically populate once you have actually used the HTML link to frame the search into your own website. You are not able to type anything into this field.
  8. Click the Preview tab in the upper right to see what your search screen will look like.
  9. The Other Options section is enabled when you are working with a My Listings search.
  10. Remember to click the Save button when you’re done to save your changes.

When naming your IDX pages, it is a good idea to be as descriptive as possible, but also to choose a name that you will remember. When you want to pull up an IDX page that you have created, simply start typing the name of it in the Name field and anything that matches what you have typed will come up and allow you to view or modify it.

You can create multiple IDX pages for different purposes (residential search, open house search, etc.). If you are creating multiple IDX pages, Matrix will generate a unique URL for each one.

The Other Options section, which is only accessible when you are working with a My Listings page (not with a Map Search), allows you to control some of the color layout and button styles for your IDX page.

You can use the buttons at the right side of each field to open up the Color Picker, which allows you to change the color of the page background, header background, or header font.

Use the circle on the outside ring to determine the color you want to use. Use the circle within the triangle to determine the shade of the color.

As you drag the circles around the ring and triangle, you will see the corresponding hexadecimal color values populate with the field.

Once you have selected the desired color, click the Done button to close the Color Picker window.

If you already know the hexadecimal value of the color you want to use, you can simply enter it into the appropriate field (rather than using the Color Picker).


There is a Preview tab at the top right corner of the page that allows you to see what the IDX page will look like before you actually integrate it into your website.

If you have made any Style changes (in the Other Options section) to your IDX page, you will need to save it first before the preview will display any updates.


*** Pro Tip: if you are using the Preview tab and need to get back to the Settings screen, make sure to use the Settings tab in the upper right (next to Preview) and not the Back to Settings button in the bottom left. The Back to Settings button will actually close you out of the IDX Configuration screen completely and bring you back to the My Matrix> Settings menu. If you do this, you may lose any unsaved work***