SmartMLS is here to help you through these unusual times. We realize that it can be difficult to continue business as usual while operating within the confines of recommended social distancing.

That being said, not all is lost! There are many tools available to help you carry out the essential functions of your day-to-day business, everything from immoviewer’s virtual tours to Authentisign’s digital signing tool. Some of you may already have these tools at your disposal, either offered by SmartMLS, your Brokerage or your local Association of REALTORS.

Our goal is to keep you up and running while remaining as safe as possible. The products and features below can help you do just that. Products such as Instanet, Immoviewer and Homesnap are provided at no additional cost by SmartMLS.These products all have robust support from their respective vendors, and the SmartMLS staff can assist you with them as well. Other products listed are provided through other organizations and may not be supported by SmartMLS. They are simply recommendations for additional resources that may help you accomplish your goals.

Zoom: Through Zoom’s Basic Plan, you can schedule a 40-minute online meeting or video conference call with your clients for FREE.  Anyone you invite can also join your online meetings for free without having a Zoom account on their phone, desktop, or mobile device.  Learn more about Zoom and sign up for your free account.

FaceTime: If both you and your client use an iPhone or iPad, you can have a video call using Apple’s FaceTime app.  You can also add up to 32 people to your call by tapping the + button in the app and adding the people you want to participate in the group conversation.  The FaceTime app is available to download for FREE onto your iPhone or iPad from the App store.  Learn more on how to use FaceTime.

Skype: Even if your client does not have a Skype account, you can create a FREE voice and video conference call link which they can join that doesn’t require them to download or sign up for Skype.  To download Skype for free and create a meeting, visit this page.

Google Hangouts: If you have a Google account, you can invite up to 10 people from your desktop to participate in a video or voice conference call simply by sharing a meeting link and entering their phone number or email address. You can also download the Google Hangouts App for FREE for use on the Google Chrome browser and Android or iOS mobile devices.  Learn more and sign in to use Google Hangouts.

Client Portal: SmartMLS’s Client Portal offers a collaborative online space where you and your clients can share listing information and stay organized. You can also view which clients recently visited your portal, favorited a listing, left notes for you and more.  For tips on how to get notifications of your clients’ activity in the portal, download this handy guide.

Homesnap Pro: With Homesnap Pro, you can invite your clients to search for listings on their mobile device, communicate with you directly inside the app, mark listings as favorites, and more. Homesnap Pro is included for FREE as part of your SmartMLS subscription.  Learn more on how to use Homesnap Pro by attending their next webinar.

Smart Tip! Concierge mode is a setting on an auto email where Matrix will send any listings that match a contact’s saved search to the agent first instead of justautomatically emailing all matches directly to the contact.  The agent can then choose the listings they want the contact to receive. Click here for more information on Concierge Mode.

immoviewer lets you create a 3D tour using a 3D camera, completed panorama images, or even your current Smartphone! While most of us may not have access to a 3D camera, most of us already have access to a Smartphone capable of creating stunning 3D tours. As a member of SmartMLS, you already have access to immoviewer. No need to create a new account. This video will guide you through the steps on how to access immoviewer’s mobile app, how to create a 3D tour, and upload the tour to your listing.

ShowingTime has put together some resources on how you can accomplish virtual showings with their product.  They also have a resource page on their blog with other solutions you might find useful here.Youtube is a great way to create a video walk through for potential clients. In order to upload Youtube video’s you do need a Google account. Here is a great tutorial on how to upload a video to YouTube.

Facebook Live is another option to host a virtual open house. With the wide adoption of Facebook, many of us and our clients have access to Facebook. You can invite specific people or have it open to everyone to see. With a built in chat feature, you can see viewers questions or feedback. Here are some quick tips on how to get started.

TruPlace is a great product for buyers looking to be guided through a property visually, TruPlace has Walkthrough Videos that escort viewers to each room. These video products are available at varying lengths from 1-minute to 4-minutes long, regardless of property size. Click for more information.

Smart Tip! If You Are Doing A Virtual Tour Video It Has To Be Posted To A Website That Does Not Require Any Sort Of Login Or Password- It Has To Be Available To All Visitors To That Page. Also, The Video Has To Be Unbranded– It Cannot Market Anyone Or Anything But The Property.  It Cannot Market The List Agent Or Office, A Mortgage Company, Builder, Etc.  Click Here For More Information On Branded Versus Unbranded Tours.

Authentisign allows you to create an electronic signing for your documents and forms in Instanet.   Learn how using our SmartDesk article here or watch this video.

The new forms that are required to upload to new listings are located here and also in the Instanet & DotLoop Forms libraries.  We have sent the forms to other transaction management platforms as well and Ziplogix has said they will have the forms ready in the near future.

 If you don’t have access to a scanner in your home office, you can easily digitize signed listing agreements using your phone.
Here are quick and free options for both iOS and Android phones:

If you need to turn your pages into a file you can edit, you’ll want an app that also has optical character recognition (OCR). Scanner Pro is a good all-in-one mobile scanning and OCR app for iOS devices.

TinyScanner Pro turns Android and iOS devices into portable document scanners. It scans everything as images or PDFs.

MarketStats is an elegant and easy-to-use new stats suite of market reports and interactive tools. The new stats suite includes two distinct products, InfoSparks and FastStats. These products will go a long way toward a broader understanding of the prevailing trends in our local housing market. Login to your Agent Dashboard and access these tools today.

Smart Tip! MarketStats Typically Updates On The 10th Of The Month With The Previous Month’s Statistics.

The SmartDesk: Our Knowledgebase, offers hundreds of articles, access to a variety of live online training classes and on-demand video tutorials on SmartMLS functionality that you can view directly from your desktop or tablet.  Visit our Knowledgebase or access our on-demand training videos on our YouTube channel.