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About Us

SmartMLS represents over 17,000 real estate professionals and covers all eight Connecticut counties, making it among the top twenty largest MLSs in the country. Though the third smallest state, Connecticut has the highest per capita income in the United States, and boasts a massive $13 billion in real estate transactions annually.

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Why SmartMLS?

The choice of SmartMLS as our name is a conscious decision to be both inclusive and to bring a new, smarter perspective to what the MLS should be and the role it should play in the lives of our brokers and agents.

Committed to our Brokers and Agents

We are building a strong, agile and responsive organization and we take our commitment to our brokers and agents seriously.  We will always work with you to make sure you have the best possible tools and resources to manage your listings and control your data.

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Our Coverage

SmartMLS provides MLS services to an estimated 96 percent of the Realtors in Connecticut.

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