Frequently Asked Questions

SmartMLS is partnering with BrokerBay to make available the BrokerBay Showing Management platform to all SmartMLS subscribers.

How will I access BrokerBay?

You will be able to access BrokerBay from your SmartMLS Member Dashboard or from listings in the SmartMLS Matrix system or from the BrokerBay mobile app. You will see the BrokerBay icon on listings in SmartMLS Matrix and in Homesnap for all listings configured with BrokerBay and can easily schedule showings.

Is the feedback feature included?

Yes! The feedback feature is included in the BrokerBay platform that will be provided to all SmartMLS subscribers.

Does BrokerBay gain any rights to the contacts that are added to the system?

BrokerBay gains no rights to any of the contact information.

Does BrokerBay have an appointment/call center option?

Both offices and individual agents will have the option of working with BrokerBay to receive appointment center services if needed through BrokerBay.

Will we have access to showing reports, such as seeing how many showings on property?

Yes.  Reporting analytics can be found on BrokerBay Dashboard under the Analytics menu option.  Here you can find reports like New listings, Sold/Leased Listings, Showings, Average Price and Average Days on Market by Month and Year over Year.

Can we see how many showings there have been on a listing?

Yes. All showing activity is recorded within the BrokerBay platform under the Showings tab. In addition, you can “view history” on any listing as well which provides detailed information on the listing and any updates to it. In addition you may only view showings on your own listings, not on others.

I saw an offer button during the preview, what was that for?

Reviewing offer management products is on SmartMLS’s radar and BrokerBay is one of many companies offering such a service. It will not be a part of the system when we launch the BrokerBay showing service early next year.

I currently pay for identifying the type of agency showing i.e. - buyer Agency, etc. Is this feature on the BrokerBay platform?

Reviewing offer management products is on Identifying showing type is included in all plans of the BrokerBay platform.