BrokerBay QA

Sneak Peek and FAQs

We are very excited to give you a preview of what the BrokerBay platform offers including its modern design and many robust features. BrokerBay will be the new replacement showing management platform for SmartMLS members launching in February 2022.

There were so many great questions from all of you. This page contains answers to questions submitted and also a great video preview of the BrokerBay mobile app.

What is the BrokerBay Implementation Timeline?

  • December BrokerBay preview sessions
  • January – The SmartMLS training team will start to host a variety of training opportunities.
  • Late January – Listing agents can start to configure their listings in BrokerBay while continuing to setup and configure listings and service showings in ShowingTime.
  • Early February – ShowingTime will be sunset.  BrokerBay is activated.

In BrokerBay you can Easily...

Configure your listing

Schedule a Showing

Easily choose who can confirm/Deny appointments

Create and easily submit feedback

Message agents that showed the Property

What will BrokerBay Cost?

The BrokerBay showing system is part of your core MLS service. If you subscribe to ShowingTime’s Appointment Center or Front Desk services, BrokerBay has similar subscription options. You will be provided with additional details as they become available.

Other BrokerBay FAQs

How will I access BrokerBay?

You will be able to access BrokerBay from your SmartMLS Member Dashboard or from listings in the SmartMLS Matrix system or from the BrokerBay mobile app. You will see the BrokerBay icon on listings in SmartMLS Matrix and in Homesnap for all listings configured with BrokerBay and can easily schedule showings.

Is the feedback feature included?

Yes! The feedback feature is included in the BrokerBay platform that will be provided to all SmartMLS subscribers.

Does BrokerBay gain any rights to the contacts that are added to the system?

BrokerBay gains no rights to any of the contact information.

Does BrokerBay have an appointment/call center option?

Both offices and individual agents will have the option of working with BrokerBay to receive appointment center services if needed through BrokerBay.

Can we see how many showings there have been on a listing?

Yes. All showing activity is recorded within the BrokerBay platform under the Showings tab. In addition, you can “view history” on any listing as well which provides detailed information on the listing and any updates to it. In addition you may only view showings on your own listings, not on others.

I saw an offer button during the preview, what was that for?

Reviewing offer management products is on SmartMLS’s radar and BrokerBay is one of many companies offering such a service. It will not be a part of the system when we launch the BrokerBay showing service early next year.

Our region uses Supra and Sentrilock, will both be integrated?

BrokerBay has strong integration with all electronic lockbox systems making it easy for agent to assign lockboxes and codes.

Can confirmations be made via text?

Yes. When you book your showing you have the opportunity to select how you receive your confirmation, email, text or phone call.

Is BrokerBay replacing Homesnap?

No. BrokerBay will be replacing ShowingTime. BrokerBay will become your Showing Management software replacing ShowingTime at the time of launch. Options to schedule a showing through Homesnap will be available within the HomeSnap app using BrokerBay.

Will Feedback be editable by the agent or will the Brokerage control the questions asked?

Feedback configuration is left up to the individual agent. You may also configure specific feedback questions. However, Brokerage control of the questions may be at the brokers discretion.

This seems to be for single agents/teams how does the system work for an office that monitors showings for their agents?

BrokerBay also provides premium showing services. We will be in touch with you in the near future for additional details.

If you select Auto-confirm, does the system know to avoid double bookings?

The auto-confirm would look at the choice you made for double bookings, and would allow, or disallow based on that.

Can you or your seller client confirm showings? Or just one or the other?

Basically, you can have whoever you want to confirm. It’s very flexible.

Could you add a field that says "No Double Bookings Allowed"?

There is a setting on each listing if you want to allow double bookings, or not. You can choose per listing.

When is this going live in SmartMLS for CT?

We are looking to go live in February. The exact date is dependent on the programming of a few features.

Since you are integrated with Supra, will the lockbox be disabled if there are no showings at that time?

This is a good idea, unfortunately it is not possible. We will submit that as an enhancement request.

Can you turn off showing availability for specific dates?

Yes you can, there is a custom option.

Can you send a photo in feedback of something that is amiss should you find something unexpected...i.e. leaky water heater?

Not at this time, but a good idea!