MLS and Key Fees by Month of Joining

SmartMLS bills for subscriber and key* fees in six month cycles: May through October and November through April. We do not prorate fees- you pay the full month regardless of when you join during that month (example: if someone joins June 24th, they will need to submit payment to cover the entire month of June, as well as the remainder of the current billing period).

Use the following chart as a guide to what you will be billed for, based on the month you join SmartMLS:

  MLS Key
January $141.40 $56.44
February $106.05 $42.33
March $70.70, plus $212.10 $28.22 plus $84.68
April $35.35, plus $212.10 $14.11 plus $84.68
May $212.10 $84.68
June $176.75 $70.55
July $141.40 $56.44
August $106.05 $42.33
September $70.70, plus $212.10 $28.22 plus $84.68
October $26.26, plus $212.10 $14.11 plus $84.68
November $212.10 $84.68
December $176.75 $70.55

Please note- the key fees are only applicable if you are purchasing your electronic key through the SmartMLS.  Check with your local Board to see if you can purchase key service through them.

** If you have primary key service through Greenwich MLS, there is a $10/month fee to cooperate your key with SmartMLS (instead of the $14.11/month SmartMLS key fee).

MLS Fee includes 1% CT Sales Tax.

Key Fee includes 6.35 CT Sales Tax.

Other possible fees:

If you are the Broker of an office that is joining the SmartMLS, there is a one-time office startup fee of $200.00.