SmartMLS Verified Photographer Network

How Does it Work?

For the benefit of both listing agents and photography professionals, we grant select qualified photographers limited access into SmartMLS Matrix. This project is an opt-in effort aimed at strengthening the confidence and trust of all parties in one another. As an added benefit, the project helps ensure that agents and photographers can easily follow the rules and regulations regarding listing images. Here are a few of the benefits:

Benefits to Listing Agents

  • Limit confusion about copyright and licensing matters
  • Gain confidence in your photographer’s professionalism
  • Know that your listing’s photos are protected in SmartMLS

Benefits to Photographers

  • Gain control of the image uploading process
  • Build trust and reach with agents
  • As a photographer in the List, your signature will now also be required prior to a subsequent listing agent being allowed to use your pictures in a new listing

If you are a photographer and would like to know more fill out the Photographer Submission Form below. We’ll reach out to you with the next steps or email for information.


Frequently Asked Questions for Photographer Access

SmartMLS has decided to make photography management in our MLS platform easier and faster for those who opt in. When a photographer joins, they are given a Photographer User Name and password to directly upload their photos to specific listings that a Listing Agent has assigned to them. The photographer will only have access to the photo upload module and will not be able to modify or change any other listing information.

The photographer must complete the submission form on this page. A SmartMLS representative will email the photographer a User Agreement, where the photographer will agree to the proper license required for all photographs to be placed in the MLS. If you’re a photographer who wants to know more, please contact and we’ll reach out to you with the next steps.

No, the same MLS rules still apply. Agents may not take photos and use them without getting the original listing agent’s permission. Doing so is a violation that may lead to fines or other consequences.

Yes. This is not a mandatory program for photographers to join. However, we recommend asking your photographer to contact SmartMLS for more information on the benefits of the program.

No. Unless you give written permission for anyone else to use your photos, this agreement does not allow listing agents to sell your photos to anyone, including other agents. The only parties that use the photos are those working with or within the MLS to provide services for the listing, including syndication to popular online and mobile platforms, comparative market analyses, and other typical uses of MLS data.

Yes. If you have any other contracts/agreements that you need for your business, you may still use them. This program only applies to the licensing of listing photos input into SmartMLS. The SmartMLS agreement does not govern any aspect of the Agent/Photographer relationship.

  • Type: JPG (the most common type taken by digital cameras)
  • File Size: less than 20MB in size (per photo)
  • Ideal Dimensions: 1024 pixels x 768 pixels
  • Ideal Resolution: 96 DPI or better
  • Ideal Aspect Ratio*: 1.33*

*The aspect ratio of an image is calculated by dividing the number of pixels in width by the number of pixels in height.  Matrix uses an aspect ratio of 1.33 (e.g. 1024/768).

  • Orientation: landscape or portrait
  • Quantity: up to 40

*Images received that have a different aspect ratio will be automatically resized to achieve 1.33 and will be padded with white space on either the left and right or top and bottom edges to avoid image stretching.