SmartMLS Rules and Regulations

Section 4.26 Coming Soon:


Prior to being entered into the System or advertised, all Coming Soon Listings must have a valid, fully executed:


Exclusive Right to Sell listing agreement, or

Exclusive Agency to Sell, or

Exclusive Right to Lease, or

Exclusive Agency to Lease


The Coming Soon status should be utilized when the Seller/lessor requests the Listing Broker to pre-market the Property before the Property becomes an Active Listing on the Service (Preview Time).  During the Preview Time, the Seller(s)/lessor(s) direct and instruct the Listing Broker not to accept and present to them any offer(s) to purchase/lease the Property. Seller(s)/lessor(s) expressly waives their right to have offers presented to them by the Listing Broker because the Property is not available for sale/lease during the Preview Time.


The following rules apply to  Coming Soon listings: (1) the Property shall not be shown to prospective buyers/lessees by anyone, including the Listing Broker and the Listing Broker’s agents during the Preview Time;  (2) a Coming Soon Listing must include at least one exterior photo of the Property but can include as many as 40; (3) a valid, fully executed SmartMLS Coming Soon Listing Addendum must be uploaded to the MLS system at the time of entry; (4) Coming Soon Listings must include a Go-Active Date which must be no less than 1 day and no more than 14 days in the future; (5) The Go-Active Date cannot be shortened; (6) Coming Soon listings shall automatically convert to active status on the Go-Active Date.


Coming Soon Listings will be included in listing history in the MLS record of the listing. Market Time will be calculated starting on the Go Active Date. Coming Soon Listings may be promoted on social media. Any social media activity must comply with the REALTOR® Code of Ethics and Connecticut License Law and Regulations.